Atlanta 912 Leader Calls On Fellow Activists To Answer The Call & Join Grassroots Force in DC Nov 4-5

October 14, 2011

Fellow Citizens-

If you haven’t been to DC since the start of our constitutional ‘revolution’ 2 1/2 years ago, I highly encourage you to consider joining fellow Atlanta 912, Tea Party and conservative/libertarian members in heading to DC Nov 3rd-5th for Americans For Prosperity Foundation’s “Defending the American Dream Summit” -You will be glad you did!!

I have been to 4 AFPF events (DC twice)-and can tell you they put on the BEST-from the biggest name speakers & candidates to the best journalists (James O’Keefe, Erick Erickson, Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin), resources (Facebook/Twitter experts) to arm us activists with information, ammunition, and inspiration. And somehow they do it at very low cost.

I’m heading to DC with AFP again for this critical reason: We’re only a year away from the most important election of our lifetimes-and I will use what I learn at this summit to energize the message I share over the next 12 months to get our country back on the right track!!

The links below will give you all the details; they have a great bus/hotel/ticket package, as well as lots of other options. Join me and some other Atlanta 912ers, as we head to DC on Thurs Nov 3rd!!

Catherine McDonald & Atlanta 912 Leadership

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