AFP GA Activists Report On DC Hands Off My Health Care Rally- Naomi Swanson & Ruth Lee Hair

March 30, 2012

[img_assist|nid=27121|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=150|height=100]Naomi Swanson Report, President of Dalton Tea Party and AFP GA Activist

Last Tuesday was a beautiful day—-perfect day for a rally. Before rally time, there were some opposing ralliers including a bus of SEIU “paid volunteers”. They weren’t very active then loaded up at lunchtime (union break) and never came back. Gratefully, the Occupy were not visible.
The real rally moved across the street at 1:00pm to a lawn complete with press boxes and a stage with great sound. I was praying for at least a couple thousand people and I am happy to report at lease 7-8 thousand. We got the attention of the legislative body with speeches from Bachmann, DeMint, King, Rand Paul, West, a Canadian with socialized medicine and AFP leadership.

We could not have hoped for a better mix of We The People. There were young people as well as young adults to mix with our ever faithful rally travelers who always come. We, personally, reunited with folks from Chattanooga. It felt like OUR rally and not just an event we attended. Chants of kill the bill and U!S!A! echoed around the buildings, bouncing off the court building and toward the Capitol. The message was singular and strong—-Obamacare mandates are UNCONSTITUTIONAL—-WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM.

We left the hill after two short hours with a feeling we had accomplished something. The crowd showed resolve and determination.

Thank you, Americans For Prosperity for without your organizational leadership on the 27th, our voices would not have been heard. AFP leads us each day via social media and “boots on the ground” rallies. For that we are grateful. God Bless You and God Bless America.

Thoughts On My First Rally In DC – March 27 – AFP Hands Off Health Care – Ruth Lee Hair
My attendance at the AFP rally for American Patriots was a first for me. I have been to Washington on different occasions but always as a tourist so I really had no idea what to expect. I did expect to see a large crowd, however, and in that I was not disappointed. The park, in which the rally occurred, just steps from the Supreme Court, was filled to overflowing by the time the rally ended. A well organized, well behaved crowd of concerned citizens carried banners, signs, American flags and my personal, favorite the bright yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.

We were fortunate to be able to hear some of the brightest stars in the Conservative movement speak, and the crowd grew more receptive and responsive as each person was announced. Paul Ryan, Brent Bozell, Steve King, Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Allen West, Jim DeMint, and Michelle Bachman all spoke of their vision for the United States and their desire to work together with all of us to protect and defend our nation and the individual rights of its citizens.

Two of the speakers stood out for me. They were Allen West and Michelle Bachman. As a military mom I have a special place in my heart for all of those who have worn the uniform of the United States of America. Representative West is a great American hero. He serves his country now in Congress, and he had a distinguished military career before he sacrificed it in order to save the lives of some of his Soldiers. I was very excited to see him, and I could hardly wait to text my Army son that I had just heard Colonel West speak.

The other highlight for me was Michelle Bachman’s passionate speaking about her determined opposition to the Healthcare Act. She told us that on the day that the act passed she began her efforts to repeal it. Late that night as she walked down the stairs in the House wing of the Capitol building she looked up at Howard Charles Christy’s painting of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. Christy painted some of the signers looking straight out, and she said it was as if they were looking at her. They seemed to be saying,” We sacrificed everything to give birth to our Republic. Now what are you going to do to preserve it?” That truly struck a cord with me because that is what we are all about and why so many people came to this rally in Washington. We want to protect, defend and preserve our Republic so that it continues to truly reflect the ideas and ideals of our founding fathers.

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