Children The Real Winners In Passage of Charter School Bill – Immediate Release

March 23, 2012

ATLANTA – Americans for Prosperity -Georgia, the premier advocate for economic freedom in the state and nation, today applauds the Legislature for passing House Resolution 1162, putting the charter school Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in November.

“Legislators took a huge step this week in giving parents the power and freedom to choose the best education for their children,” said Virginia Galloway, AFP-Georgia State Director. “I commend the Legislature for joining together to add options to our public education system and put the children of Georgia first.”

Galloway continued, “Voters of Georgia will now have the opportunity to approve an amendment that ultimately gives parents more options so they can choose the school that best fits their individual child’s needs. The children of our state will be the real winners in the passage of this amendment. But our state will benefit, too, from lower dropout rates and the better educated workforce resulting from school options. Equal opportunity really begins at school.”

AFP-Georgia has long been involved in the fight for increased school choice in Georgia. AFP- Georgia has traveled the state hosting town halls and school choice documentary viewings, commissioned an important poll documenting an overall 70.5% approval of school choice, and sent multiple action alerts to Georgians educating them on this important issue and urging them to contact their State Representatives and State Senators.

For questions or comments, contact Virginia Galloway at 770-315-4304 or

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