AFP-GA Goes On The Offensive With 2012 Legislative Agenda – By Virginia Galloway

January 17, 2012

[img_assist|nid=26035|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=150|height=112]Liberty-loving Americans For Prosperity Georgia members have an active year ahead with rallies, War Rooms and Days at the Capitol championing limited government solutions to the challenges facing Georgia.

AFP-GAs 2012 agenda will continue to focus on taxes and spending, opposing any tax increases including the controversial T-SPLOST legislation being discussed in Georgia. While transportation is a legitimate function of government and Georgia does face many such obstacles, the current T-SPLOST plan includes unfair regional governance models, a large tax increase on all Georgians with disproportionate benefits and burdens and an impractical project list. AFP-GA will only support legislation that benefits businesses and individuals in this area.

Government spending will continue to be a focus as we build on our past support for the Government Accountability Act and Zero Based Budgeting. We support a Constitutional Amendment to limit spending growth. Georgia can achieve this through regular reviews of the efficiency and necessity of all our state agencies. Greater public participation can be achieved through legislation that requires all SPLOST votes to be held on Primary or General election dates where a much larger voter turnout historically occurs.

AFP-GA has led the way with dozens of Economic Freedom Tour dates around the State educating hundreds of Georgians on the benefits of economic freedom over the past year and the fight against government’s job-killing regulations over a five-year span. It’s time to take the message to the Georgia Capitol where AFP-GA activists will work for legislation that supports free market principles, discourages over-regulation and supports sound fiscal policy. This includes legislation to block or repeal any legislation that interferes with private property rights, business practices or farming under the guise of “sustainability” or “smart growth”.

The economic and social impact of Georgia’s failing education system represents our State’s largest competitive challenge. Applying the the time-tested free market principles of competition and choice to education will allow schools to compete and students to choose from a variety of options – great public schools, private, charter, home school, hybrid, magnets and more! AFP-GA will support a Constitutional Amendment that gives the state the ability to approve exceptional charter school applicants and give more students more choice. AFP-GA will support any reasonable legislation that gives more local control to parents to choose the school that works best for their child and oppose any legislation that restricts access of parents to reasonable educational alternatives.

Burdensome government regulations are increasing at a lightning pace and suffocating the private sector. AFP-GA will continue our fight against any regulation that mandates or subsidizes energy choices. Applying our limited government, individual Liberty principles, we will support the formation of a free market health care exchange while opposing any health care exchange as prescribed by the freedom-killing ObamaCare legislation.

One of the most misunderstood and far-reaching legs of government is our Judiciary. In Georgia, our State Supreme Court justices are elected by We The People, not appointed or nominated by the Governor. The decisions made by our Georgia Supreme Court impact our lives every day. On July 31, Georgia will hold elections for several of our Justices in the Supreme Court and in lower Courts around the State. AFP-GA will continue to empower Georgians through education about Judicial issues and election date changes.

The future is bright for economic freedom and limited government in Georgia. We have already accomplished many things on which to build a stronger State. A strong union starts at home with We The People. Our ability to limit an out-of-control Federal government rests on our willingness to make Georgia self-sufficient by embracing local control. With your help, 2012 will be a banner year for winning the future in the Peach State!

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