Stop the Carbon Tax!

June 20, 2013J,

Some Washington democrats want to create a new tax on carbon emissions – a tax that will increase your electric bills, kill millions of jobs and grow the federal government by one trillion dollars! >> Sign Our Petition to Stop the Carbon Tax today! << Carbon taxes are just another way for the left to […]

Coddling the Wind Energy Industry in Florida and Washington, DC

August 21, 2012J

Even though industry insiders have declared that Florida is unfit for wind power, there are myriad government programs aimed at developing this technology in the state. It’s time for Senator Nelson and his colleagues in Washington to stop giving tax breaks to wind energy. Unfortunately, Washington is about to do the opposite.

Hundreds of Grassroots Activists Come Together This Week in Tallahassee

February 13, 2012J
Patriots from around the state will lobby the Legislature, attend educational sessions and hold a rally on the steps of the Historic Old Capitol

TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity-Florida, the nation’s premier economic freedom advocate, will host a major two day event, Patriot Days at the Capitol, this Wednesday and Thursday, February 15-16th in Tallahassee. Kicking off with a Rally in Tally, hundreds of activists from across Florida will join together on the steps of the Historic Old Capitol at 1:30 p.m. to urge their legislators to bring real prosperity back to Florida through free market principles.

Grassroots Activists Make Their Mark in Orlando

September 28, 2011J

As national attention focused on Florida last week, AFP-Florida prepared for three days of jam packed events in Orlando. Hundreds of you joined us for the Presidency 5 Presidential Debate and straw poll, the speeches and educational sessions of CPAC, and one of the highlights of the weekend – an amazing “Suite Tea” Breakfast with Andrew Breitbart.

Patriots were out in Orlando in full force! We were on-sight distributing t-shirts and educational materials, as well as our ever-so-popular “It’s the Spending, Stupid!” buttons. We handed out 3,500 of them and they were a prominent fixture on lapels and sweaters throughout the weekend. If you have a picture of you and your friends wearing one of our buttons or shirts please email us at You can see the pictures we already have posted of the P5 booth and attendees here.