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Medicaid: Broken, Costly & Expanding

Medicaid Expansion is one of the most important issues facing the Florida legislature this year.  The decision whether or not to expand Florida’s broken Medicaid program will have drastic and potentially devastating affects on Florida’s budget for generations.  Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for the expansion if our current legislature decides to [...]


AFP-FL Applauds US House Candidate Karen Diebel for Signing “No Climate Tax” Pledge

October 13, 2011 J


Contact: Slade O’Brien (561) 441-5866 or James Valvo (703) 224-3200

Americans for Prosperity Applauds U.S. House Candidate Karen Diebel for Signing No Climate Tax Pledge-

West Palm Beach—The Florida chapter of the free market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP-FL) today applauded U.S. House candidate Karen Diebel for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge.” Diebel joins more than 550 bipartisan lawmakers and candidates on the federal, state and local levels pledging to “oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.”

AFP-FL State Director commented:

The “Suite Tea” Breakfast with Patriots Andrew Breitbart, Anita MonCrief and Brandon Darby

October 05, 2011 J

If you weren't at CPAC FL in Orlando then you may have missed one of the highlghts of the week - the "Suite Tea" breakfast we held at The Peabody Hotel. Tickets for the event were "sold out" as quickly as we could make them available and for good reason -- seeing these three, true patriots speak was incredible. Their stories from years of working for the left are sometimes shocking, eye-opening and always inspiring.

If you missed the breakfast, or even if you were there but want to see the insipiring speakers again, now is your chance. Here are the excerpts from the breakfast, with speakers (and their Twitter handles so you can follow them):

AFPF-FL State Director Slade O'Brien - @AFPFlorida
Grassroots Activist Jason Hoyt - @JasonWHoyt
ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief - @anitamoncrief
Patriot Brandon Darby - @brandondarby
Author Andrew Breitbart - @AndrewBreitbart

Grassroots Activists Make Their Mark in Orlando

September 28, 2011 J

As national attention focused on Florida last week, AFP-Florida prepared for three days of jam packed events in Orlando. Hundreds of you joined us for the Presidency 5 Presidential Debate and straw poll, the speeches and educational sessions of CPAC, and one of the highlights of the weekend – an amazing “Suite Tea” Breakfast with Andrew Breitbart.

Patriots were out in Orlando in full force! We were on-sight distributing t-shirts and educational materials, as well as our ever-so-popular “It’s the Spending, Stupid!” buttons. We handed out 3,500 of them and they were a prominent fixture on lapels and sweaters throughout the weekend. If you have a picture of you and your friends wearing one of our buttons or shirts please email us at info.fl@afphq.org. You can see the pictures we already have posted of the P5 booth and attendees here.

Andrew Breitbart and ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief to speak as part of Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s RightOnline

September 16, 2011 J

Event will advance online activism at CPAC FL in Orlando Friday, September 23rd

BOCA RATON – Nationally known author, commentator, and publisher Andrew Breitbart is confirmed to attend Presidency 5 next week. Breitbart will speak at a breakfast sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Florida Chapter (AFPF-FL) at 7:30 am on Friday morning at the “Suite Tea” Tea Party Hospitality Suite at the Peabody Hotel.

ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief is also confirmed to speak at AFPF-FL’s RightOnline, joining speakers: T.V. host and commentator Stephen Kruiser, prominent Florida blogger Jordan Raynor, The Franklin Center’s Erik Telford and Kelly Carson, Townhall.com’s Guy Benson and Alice Linahan of Voices Empower.