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Medicaid: Broken, Costly & Expanding

Medicaid Expansion is one of the most important issues facing the Florida legislature this year.  The decision whether or not to expand Florida’s broken Medicaid program will have drastic and potentially devastating affects on Florida’s budget for generations.  Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for the expansion if our current legislature decides to […]


Up Next: The Health Care Cliff

January 04, 2013 J,

  The start of 2013 has already been a shaky one with the painful fiscal-cliff negotiations and the unfortunate outcome that continued Washington’s bad habit of increasing taxes without addressing their outrageous spending habits, all while pandering to a few favored constituents with messages of success.  Well Floridians need to get ready because Washington is […]

AFP Insists Florida Rejects a Health Insurance Exchange

November 19, 2012 J,

-Support Means Higher Taxes and Premiums in Florida- Tallahassee, Florida–Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP) the nation’s largest and most effective advocate for economic freedom released the following statement calling on state leaders to reject the state-based health insurance exchanges. From AFP-FL’s State Director Slade O’Brien: AFP is extremely disappointed in leaders in Florida suggesting that […]

Coddling the Wind Energy Industry in Florida and Washington, DC

August 21, 2012 J

Even though industry insiders have declared that Florida is unfit for wind power, there are myriad government programs aimed at developing this technology in the state. It’s time for Senator Nelson and his colleagues in Washington to stop giving tax breaks to wind energy. Unfortunately, Washington is about to do the opposite.