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Medicaid: Broken, Costly & Expanding

Medicaid Expansion is one of the most important issues facing the Florida legislature this year.  The decision whether or not to expand Florida’s broken Medicaid program will have drastic and potentially devastating affects on Florida’s budget for generations.  Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for the expansion if our current legislature decides to [...]


A Mailer Mixup!

August 24, 2014

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our elected officials accountable for their votes, we send many of you mail that explains the votes your lawmakers have taken and how those impact economic freedom for Floridians. Unfortunately, we’ve made a couple of mix-ups in the past couple of weeks that we want to make [...]

Tell elected officials to stand for you!

June 09, 2014

In Florida, when we elect someone to represent us, we expect them to uphold the values that we believe in and on which they campaigned– things like reforming schools, fixing our looming debt and pension problems, and standing up for smarter, more efficient government that doesn’t waste your tax dollars. Some State Senators have voted [...]

Urge Responsible Pension Reform

June 05, 2014

Florida’s public pensions carry trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. The state-run Florida Retirement System alone, has at least $24 billion in unfunded liabilities.  But the way the system is currently set-up the liabilities just keep growing. In fact, last year, despite strong returns on their investments, the unfunded liabilities grew by three billion dollars! [...]