Unions Trying to Force Paid Sick-Time Initiative in Orange County

September 18, 2012

For weeks a controversy has been brewing in Orange County.  Organize NOW, the AFL-CIO, and others have been attempting to rush through a ballot initiative and force it onto the November ballot.  The proposed initiative would force all local businesses in Orange County with more than 15 employees to provide paid sick leave for full and part-time employees.

The Orange County Commission wants the ballot initiative to be properly vetted and reviewed before going on the ballot.  The groups behind this initiative don’t want public scrutiny or appropriate commission review, they just want to get it on the ballot as quickly as possible.  They don’t want the true effects of this initiative – job loss and wage decreases – to be unveiled.

Read an article from Florida Political Press examining who and what is really behind this effort HERE.

The Orange County Commissioners need to hear from you today!

Call the Orange County Commission and tell them to continue protecting the citizens, business owners and democratic process from paid petitioners.  Tell them you are opposed to the rush effort by certain groups to get the Paid Sick Leave Initiative on the ballot without proper review.

  1. Mayor Teresa Jacobs 407-836-7370
  2. District 1 S. Scott Boyd 407-836-7350
  3. District 2 Fred Brummer 407-836-7350
  4. District 3 John Martinez 407-836-5140 or 407-836-5309
  5. District 4 Jennifer Thompson 407-836-7350
  6. District 5 Ted Edwards 407-836-7350
  7. District 6 Tiffany Moore Russell 407-836-5860
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