Transparency & Accountability Needed In Sarasota County

October 17, 2013

For over two decades, taxpayers in Sarasota County have supported the Sarasota Memorial Hospital through a county wide hospital tax. These taxes were originally meant to support charity care provided in the county. Unfortunately for taxpayers, that generosity has been taken advantage of.

From 1998 to 2009, the millage rate for Sarasota residents increased nearly 400%.  During this same period, public annual tax collections rose from $4.8 million to $58.8 million, increasing 1200%!

Last month, Sarasota Memorial officially opened its new nine-story tower to replace the facilities it is currently using.  This tower cost $250 million to build, yet the Sarasota County Public Hospital District has pushed through under the radar tax increases that have consistently been concealed from public scrutiny and taxpayer oversight.

We expect our elected and appointed government officials to be responsible stewards of taxpayer money and ensure transparency.  Unfortunately, the Sarasota Hospital District and the County have been avoiding their accountability for too long.  The time for action is NOW!

Do you live in Sarasota County?  Then take action today.

Sign the Stop Sarasota Waste NOW! petition to send Sarasota’s County Commissioners and the Hospital Board a clear message…that Sarasota taxpayers want transparency & accountability for their tax dollars!


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