Statement from AFP-FL State Director on Governor’s Executive Order

September 23, 2013

TALLAHASSEE—Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director, Slade O’Brien, released the following statement today, following the release of Executive Order 13-276 and accompanying letters to USDOE Secretary Arne Duncan and Florida State Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand:

“I applaud Governor Scott’s actions today, which outline his intention that Florida’s schools use assessments and curriculum designed for Florida by Florida.  The Governor has heard from parents and teachers from around the state with concerns that the federal government is once again overstepping its authority, attempting to intrude into states’ education systems using federal money as a bribe.  His letters and executive order make clear that Florida will not allow the federal government to dictate how or what our students will learn, and ensure control of Florida’s education system remains firmly in state and local control.” 


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