Poll Shows Strong Voter Opinions On Key Tax & Spending Issues

April 18, 2013

— Voters support pension reform, oppose taxpayer-funded incentives for businesses and sports teams —

Tallahassee, Florida—Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nations premier grassroots advocate for economic freedom, released a statewide poll of likely voters this morning that shows Florida voters have strong opinions on pension reform and taxpayer-funded incentives.

The poll, conducted by the Tarrance Group, shows that 63 percent of Florida voters support placing all new state and local employees in 401(k)-style retirement plans, the key component of HB 7011 that has passed the House and waits for Senate action.

The poll shows voter opposition to taxpayer-funded incentives. Specifically, 80 percent of voters are opposed to giving handouts to professional sports franchises to renovate or construct stadiums.  In addition, 70 percent said they would be less likely to vote for their State Representative if they support giving taxpayer dollars to professional sports teams.

Voters also oppose the use of incentives to lure businesses to Florida. Only 28 percent believe these handouts are worthwhile, while 63 percent believe a free-market approach of creating a friendly environment for all businesses is the best way to create jobs.

“The results of this poll are clear, voters want accountability for the way their tax dollars are spent,” commented AFP’s Florida State Director Slade O’Brien. “Voters oppose the use of tax dollars as corporate handouts, especially for professional sports teams, they don’t want government picking winners and losers in business, and they support the pension reform plan that Speaker Weatherford has proposed in HB 7011. Despite the positions put forth by the lobbyists in Tallahassee, voters support policies that will responsibly use their taxes and don’t support the current status quo.”

 Mr. O’Brien continued, “Sometimes the will of the voters is overshadowed by the special interest lobbyists in Tallahassee, but legislators must remember who elected them and who’s interest they are here to represent.”

See the details of the poll here.

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