New Ads Highlighting Florida Delegation Votes on ObamaCare

July 23, 2013


TALLAHASSEE — Americans for Prosperity has begun running online ads around the country highlighting the votes House members took on delaying key ObamaCare mandates, and urging members to support full repeal. In Florida, ads will run featuring Reps. Patrick Murphy (FL-18), Lois Frankel (FL-22) and Joe Garcia (FL-26).AFP activists and other members of the public will be sending them messages to let them know it’s time to support repealing the law altogether.Reps. Murphy and Garcia rightly voted to delay both the employer mandate (in keeping with President Obama’s decision) and the individual mandate. Rep. Frankel voted against delaying either piece of the law, breaking with the president on the employer mandate.AFP-Florida State Director Slade O’Brien released the following statement:

“I’m heartened to see that Reps. Murphy and Garcia recognize what has become painfully apparent to the rest of us: that ObamaCare is an unworkable, bureaucratic maze riddled with unintended consequences. When President Obama sought to delay only the employer mandate, it became clear that Congress would need to act to ensure that the average Floridian would not unfairly be left behind in this mess. Ensuring they also get a reprieve from the individual mandate is an important first step.

“Now, it’s time to finish the job. Reps. Murphy, Garcia and the whole Florida delegation ought to take a brave stand and support stopping this train wreck in its tracks. It’s time to replace ObamaCare with real reform that improves our health care system for patients, doctors and taxpayers.

“More discouraging were Rep. Frankel’s votes. Not only did she decline to provide relief from the individual mandate’s penalties to her constituents, but she staked out a position that’s somehow more supportive of ObamaCare than even President Obama. Despite his declared intention to delay the employer mandate, Rep. Frankel voted to keep it in place as scheduled, disregarding the pain it will cause businesses. I’d urge Rep. Frankel to consider reversing her position as well, rather than trapping her constituents on a plan that even the Obama administration seems to recognize will be unworkable.”

Americans for Prosperity-Florida’s more than 145,000 activists have led the way in Florida on the fight against ObamaCare, most recently opposing the expansion of the costly, broken Medicaid system. Americans for Prosperity supports the action the House of Representatives took to delay both mandates, and is ultimately supportive of a full repeal of the law.

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