Is it time for tax cuts?

October 08, 2013

Is it time for tax cuts?

You bet it is!!

This Thursday morning, The House Finance & Tax Subcommittee will meet to discuss taxes.  More specifically, they will be discussing potential tax cuts and how they should address the more than $800 million surplus they expect to have this year for the state budget.

The Subcommittee Chairman, Representative Ritch Workman, has asked committee members to bring him proposals this week as to how they think the surplus funds should be handled and what potential cuts they would like to see to existing taxes and fees. This is your chance to make your voice heard.

The Subcommittee on Finance & Tax Needs to Hear from You!

What would you like to see cut? What taxes and fees do you think the State of Florida can do without? What will be most impactful to you, your family or your business?

A number of ideas have already been proposed. Some would like to roll back the fees on drivers licenses and vehicle registrations that were increased in 2009, while others would like to decrease the tax on your television, phone and internet services. Small businesses would like to have the sales tax charged to commercial leases and the premium tax on insurance policies decreased. What do you think the legislature should do? Send them an email and share your support for these ideas or offer up some new ones.

Email Chairman Ritch Workman today and tell him what tax cuts you would like to see in 2014!

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