Dolphins owner who sought taxpayer subsidy dishes out $200 million for his alma mater

September 12, 2013

Guest Blog Reposted from .com, with permission


My friend Will Patrick over at Florida Watchdog has uncovered an interesting little story that might raise a few eyebrows in Tallahassee.  Stephen Ross, owner of the perpetually-disappointing NFL team Miami Dolphins recently gave a $200 million gift to his alma mater the University of Michigan for capital improvements to the–you guessed it–Stephen M. Ross Business School and Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus. 

I for one do not begrudge him or anyone else for giving personal, hard-earned money away to causes they care about, especially if it was not compelled by a bunch of hack politicians who are generous with other people’s money through their tax-and-spend policies.

What’s is irritating about this situation is that only months ago he hired a team of lobbyists to come to Tallahassee to urge the Legislature to appropriate hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to renovate the Miami Dolphins’ Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever it’s called this week).

So let’s get this straight. He comes to Tallahassee demanding that taxpayers fund multimillion renovations to his privately-owned stadium, but then he goes off and gives $200 million of his own personal money to a public, taxpayer-subsidized university?

Vaya, hay que tener gandinga.

If you’re not indignant enough already, check out the full Florida Watchdog piece here.

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