AFP to Florida’s Leaders: Don’t Create an Insurance Exchange

December 03, 2012

Letter outlines numerous reasons that an exchange is bad for Floridians

 Tallahassee, Florida–Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP) the nation’s largest and most effective advocate for economic freedom sent a letter to Governor Scott, Senate President Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford asking them to oppose creating a state-based insurance exchange.

It is imperative that our elected officials understand the affects that a state exchange will have on Florida. A state-based exchange will increase insurance premiums and taxes on Florida’s hardworking families and businesses,” said Slade O’Brien, AFP’s Florida State Director. “The Federal government’s requirements and restrictions eliminate any opportunity for Florida’s leaders to protect our insurance market from government over-regulation.  If created, the exchange will be controlled by the federal government but paid for by Floridians.”

Twenty-one states have announced that they will not create an exchange, leaving them to the federal government to create and fund. AFP-Florida activists have sent more than 5,000 emails opposing the creation of a state exchange to Governor Scott, President Gaetz, Speaker Weatherford, as well as Senator Joe Negron and Representative Richard Corcoran who are chairing the Select Committees that will be reviewing the PPACA this session.

“Numerous governors across the country have already announced they will not establish these exchanges, refusing to be the de-facto administrators of the federal government’s rules, regulations and mandates,” O’Brien continued. “We hope that Florida’s elected leaders will join this growing consortium and announce that Florida will protect the interests of Floridians and not create one of these bloated bureaucracies.”

The federal government is offering unlimited grants to states to create an exchange between now and the end of 2014. All exchanges must be self-funding starting in 2015. Each governor must notify the federal government by December 14, 2012, of his or her decision whether to create a state-based health insurance exchange, defer to the federal government, or partner on a hybrid-exchange.

Read AFP-FL’s Letter to Governor Scott, Senate President Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford HERE.


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