AFP Launching Major Effort Opposing Farm Bill in Florida

June 19, 2013
–Emails, phone calls, web videos targeting Steve Southerland’s (FL-2) district–
TALLAHASSEE — Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest and most effective advocate for economic freedom, today announced the launch of a significant effort that combines grassroots advocacy with paid ads calling on Republican and Democratic House members to oppose the Farm Bill.
The latest effort will include email, social media, phone calls, and two web videos that target a bipartisan list of representatives in 15 House districts, including Representative Steve Southerland.
“The 2013 Farm Bill has become little more than a vehicle for massive welfare spending and taxpayer-funded corporate cronyism,” AFP President Tim Phillips. “Americans deserve better than this kind of government overspending and waste, and we’re going to make sure their voices are heard in Washington.”
AFP-Florida State Director Slade O’Brien said, 
“This is another example of Congress’ penchant for rushing through bloated welfare programs with little interest in frank debate and reform. Spending on the food stamp program has exploded, but representatives would like to ram it through Congress and call it aid for small farmers. The reality is that 80 percent of this omnibus bill goes to SNAP, not farms.With so little of the bill actually living up to its title, it’s no wonder that only 1 in ten Florida farms ever sees any benefit from the law at all.
AFP’s newest campaign includes two web videos: Table the Farm Bill shows that Farm Bill subsidies largely go to wealthy individuals or well-connected corporations, rather than small farmers, while Food Stamps demonstrates that 80 percent of Farm Bill spending goes to food stamps, rather than farms of any kind.
In addition to the ads, AFP will be empowering activists across the country to engage their representatives through email, phone calls, and social media, calling on lawmakers to oppose the inefficient and ineffective Farm Bill. AFP has also issued a key vote alert opposing the bill, including it on the organization’s scorecard that ranks members of Congress.
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