AFP: Floridians Deserve ObamaCare Exemption as Prices Soar

October 01, 2013

Enrollment day shows opponents were right, premiums rising, says State Director O’Brien.

TALLAHASSEE — Today, October 1, brings the start of open enrollment on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges around the country, and Americans for Prosperity is sounding the alarm as prices begin to soar in Florida. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists around the country have signed the group’s Exempt Me, Too! petition, asking the President for the same special treatment better-connected groups have received.

The director of Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter, Slade O’Brien, released the following statement marking the unpleasant October 1 milestone:

 “The numbers are in and the news is as bad as opponents of ObamaCare had warned. When Floridians are even able to sign onto the health insurance exchange, they’ll be faced with premium hikes as high as 100 percent or more. Supporters of the law suggest there’s nothing to worry about because federal subsidies will take care of the extra cost. That sounds great, until you consider where that money comes from — It’s us, the taxpayer. Don’t be fooled; these cost increase will be paid for out of the pockets of hardworking taxpayers.

 A 40-year old man can expect to see 108 percent higher premiums, on average; a woman of the same age will face a roughly 51 percent increase in costs before subsidies are calculated [Forbes, 9/25/13]. 

“Today, on the first day of open enrollment, I expect more Floridians than ever are going to be wondering where they can find their own exemption from this disastrous law. It’s time for the President to give all of us the same courtesy he’s given to well-connected groups, and release us from the burdens of ObamaCare,” O’Brien said.

 Hundreds of thousands of Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots activists have already signed the Exempt Me, Too! petition at, declaring that it’s time for the President to give all Americans an exemption from this disastrous law.

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