AFP-FL Response to Gray Swoope: Free Markets and Limited Government Are A Good Thing

February 06, 2013

Tallahassee, Florida— Today Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Slade O’Brien had the following comments to say in response to a letter that Enterprise Florida’s CEO Gray Swoope sent to Integrity Florida and multiple media outlets, in which he criticizes AFP’s free market and limited government advocacy:

“Mr. Swoope’s apparent disdain for free market and limited government principles is unfortunate. Yes, AFP-Florida has publicly advocated for pension reform that will protect the interests of taxpayers and retirees, as well as elimination of the corporate income tax, a move that would show all businesses around the country and world that Florida wants them to come set-up shop and expand here.  These are also positions supported by Governor Rick Scott, the Chairman of Enterprise Florida’s Board of Directors.”

“AFP also disagrees with Mr. Swoope’s position that taxpayer funded handouts are one of the most powerful way to attract businesses to the state.  Florida sells itself and can be made even more attractive by establishing a low, neutral tax system and reducing regulatory burdens. We don’t believe that government should use taxpayer dollars to pick winners and losers in business, and we aren’t alone. Seventy-four percent of voters polled agree that government should not decide which businesses succeed or fail.”

“Instead of attacking the messenger, why not address the issues brought up in the report?  Why has Enterprise Florida essentially failed in its mission?  The legislature owes it to Florida’s taxpayers to scrutinize the organization and policies at Enterprise Florida and whether these policies are good for our state.”

Access the Report Enterprise Florida: Economic Development or Corporate Welfare? HERE.

Read Gray Swoope’s Letter to Integrity Florida HERE.


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