December 10, 2013

TALLAHASSEE — Today the Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-FL) issued a call to action for Florida’s Congressional Delegation to oppose the Budget Conference Committee’s expected budget deal which will raise Federal spending to $1 trillion and pay for the increased spending with new taxes and fees on Florida’s families.

AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien had this to say:

Two years ago Congress promised to cap discretionary spending at $967 billion in the 2014 fiscal year.  Florida’s Republican delegation must stand firm in upholding the sequestration’s modest spending cuts, that were agreed to by both parties and the President, and refuse to support any deal that will increase spending.  

Americans know that Washington has a spending problem and expect their Representatives to stand by the promise they made to stop piling up debt on our children and grandchildren.  Washington liberals have shown they will use false claims and scare tactics to undermine fiscal responsibility.  Congress must take a stand against increased spending and new taxes, and keep their prior promise. Floridians deserve better than irresponsible federal spending and new taxes.”

This morning, AFP issued a key vote alert opposing any budget deal that exceeded $967 billion in spending.

Earlier this month, AFP launched a nationwide effort called No Empty Promises, which urged free-market activists to make their voice heard at local town hall meetings, and take action via phone, email, and social media.

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