AFP-FL Issues Letter to Florida Congressional Delegation: End Wind Welfare

October 03, 2012

Americans for Prosperity to Florida Congressional Delegation:

End Wind Welfare

-Let the wasteful wind production incentives expire-

TALLAHASSEE, FL—The Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-FL), the nation’s premier free market grassroots organization, sent a letter to the Florida delegation of the U.S. Congress opposing extending tax breaks for wind energy.  AFP-FL urges federal lawmakers from Florida to oppose extending the wind production tax credit. 

The letter to Congress is available online HERE.

AFP-FL State Director Slade O’Brien commented:

Washington has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on wind power. Even though industry insiders have declared that Florida is unfit for wind power, our elected officials in Florida and Washington continue to look for ways to coddle this inefficient technology.

The principal federal support for wind energy, the production tax credit, was enacted in 1992 and is scheduled to expire at the end of 2012.  In early August, the Senate Finance Committee passed a measure that would renew and dramatically expand several targeted tax credits for renewable energy, including wind power.  According to the Committee, this provision is projected to cost $12.1 billion over ten years.

Mr. O’Brien continued,

Over 110,000 Americans for Prosperity activists live in Florida, and they will be watching to see how their elected officials on Capitol Hill vote on this issue.  It’s time to stop using the tax code to give handouts to the government’s favorite industries. Floridians deserve an energy solution that is economically viable—not one that relies on government favoritism.

The letter to Congress is available online HERE.


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