AFP-FL Announces Launch of New Judicial Education Project

September 26, 2012

AFP-FL Launches New Judicial Education Project
Effort will educate Floridians about Judicial Activism and the Florida Supreme Court

Tallahassee – Americans for Prosperity’s Florida Chapter (AFP-FL) announced a new effort aimed at educating Floridians about Judicial Activism and the Florida Supreme Court.  The project, titled You Be the Judge, includes the launch of a new website which will feature a series of videos that highlight various cases in which the Florida Supreme Court has acted in an activist manner.

The first video highlights the Court’s 2010 decision to remove the Healthcare Freedom Amendment off the ballot.  The video can be viewed here:

“We want citizens to understand the proper role of the court is to protect our fundamental rights and guard the law – rather than using their position to implement personal policy preferences and rewrite the law.  In 2010, a majority of the Court acted as activists when they struck the Healthcare Freedom Amendment from the ballot instead of allowing the full text of the amendment to be printed, directly contradicting their own actions from 2004,” said AFP-FL’s State Director Slade O’Brien.  “The Members of Florida Supreme Court have toiled in anonymity for far too long, so we are providing a vehicle for Floridians to learn more about the rulings the court has made, calling attention to judicial activism and extreme cases of legislating from the bench.”

The website includes a citizen petition to the Florida Supreme Court that allows Floridians to send the message that they want a court that remains impartial regardless of personal politics, and does not disregard and assume the elected legislature’s authority of establishing laws.

Mr. O’Brien continued, “It is important for the judiciary to remain independent and impartial, but in order for that to happen citizens must be knowledgeable about the Court’s decisions and voice their concerns when the court oversteps their authority.  Our critics will quickly state that we are politicizing the judiciary, but I say far from it.  We are calling attention to the court’s decisions that have in fact politicized the bench, allowing their own views to usurp the law and separation of powers, by clearly identifying rulings that bear these instances out.”

AFP-FL started running a shortened version of their first video on television this week in Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, as well as online, to make citizens aware of the project, bringing attention to specific Florida Supreme Court rulings and asking citizens to sign the petition. View the :30 ad here.

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