Action Alert: No More Tax Dollars For Cronies

February 13, 2013

Last week, AFP jointly released a report with Integrity Florida titled “Enterprise Florida: Economic Development or Corporate Welfare?” 

This report is a scathing look into the failings of Enterprise Florida to meet its stated goals, the utter lack of transparency and accountability of the tax payer funded organization, the use of public dollars to pick winners and losers in the market place, and at least the appearance of pay-to-play cronyism.

We don’t blame the companies — we blame the policy that allows and actually encourages this to happen.

Government shouldn’t use taxpayer dollars to favor one company or one industry over another. Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers and should let the free market and consumers decide what businesses should flourish and come here.


This report is making waves in Tallahassee. We were even attacked by the CEO of Enterprise Florida, whose job it is promote Florida’s economy, for having the audacity to be pro-free market, anti-subsidy, wanting to eliminate the corporate income tax, and wanting to fix Florida’s unsustainable Public Employees Pension System.

In spite of this, and other attacks by the special interest in Tallahassee, elected officials are taking notice.  They are starting to ask the tough questions and demanding answers.  

It s time we clean up the culture in Tallahassee. It’s time that our government answers to the people they serve and not the special interests with the biggest checks.

Send a message to your elected leaders today! 


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