Republican Ander Crenshaw Fails to Cut Spending, Hints at Raising Taxes

November 17, 2011

AFP Launches Radio Campaign in Jacksonville Urging Crenshaw to Cut Spending Now

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Americans for Prosperity, the premier free market grassroots mobilizing group, today launched a nationwide radio campaign targeting Congressional Republicans including Congressman Crenshaw who, despite their rhetoric to cut federal spending and powerful position on the Appropriations Committee, are failing to cut enough spending in the first minibus appropriations bill to prevent spending from increasing by billions of dollars.

AFP-Florida State Director Slade O’Brien had the following comments,

Right now, Congressman Ander Crenshaw and his colleagues are pushing a series of bills that will see spending levels higher than when Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were in charge. Congressman Crenshaw has the power to stop this, but he refuses to cut spending and instead is trying to pass the buck to the super committee, hinting that he would accept higher taxes.

The House and Senate will vote on the first in a series of appropriations packages this week, which will fund various federal departments over the course of this year (FY2012). A number of House Republicans including Congressman Crenshaw are backing a series of bills that will push spending levels higher than ever before. In addition, Rep. Crenshaw recently signed a letter asking the Super Committee to include revenue increases as an option for deficit reduction.

O’Brien continued,

This radio ad will educate the Jacksonville community on the Congressman Crenshaw’s desire to increase taxes and federal spending as well as urge the Congressman to use his power as an appropriator and stop the spending.

AFP’s radio campaign will air close to $50,000 in ads to put pressure on House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee in five states: Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It is accompanied by an earned media push, tele-townhalls, and calls-to-action to AFP’s membership.

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