Americans for Prosperity Applauds the Florida House for Passage of HB 5005

April 12, 2011

HB 5005 brings the removal of government restrictions that businesses need.

Tallahassee – Today, the House of Representatives passed HB 5005, a business deregulation package that removes unnecessary regulatory burdens from a number of current professional license holders such as sports agents, auctioneers, interior designers and ballroom dance instructors. The removal of these licensing requirements will save hard-working Floridians $11.3 million dollars a year in government fees.

“The legislation’s critics have argued that the current state license requirements bring “credibility” to their professions, but the fact is that they only act as a tax on business owners,” stated Americans for Prosperity Florida’s State Director Apryl Marie Fogel. “In this time of economic downturn, we need initiatives like HB 5005 that will keep money in our communities and encourage Floridians to prosper.”

Ms. Fogel continued, “It is imperative that we continue to remove the government barriers to Floridians being able to work and support themselves. Americans for Prosperity Florida congratulates the Florida House for taking this important step forward and passing legislation that will save money, reduce government and bring Florida desperately needed jobs.”

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