AFP-PA Champions of Prosperity Conference Call

AFP-PA Champions of Prosperity Conference Call

AFP-PA will be hosting a brief, 20 minute conference call this coming Monday at 8:30PM. Governor Corbett and the Legislature have been HAMMERED by the left to expand Medicaid in PA. We need to counter their efforts immediately. During this call, we will be laying out a four-day call bomb strategy that will make it very clear that we stand with Governor Corbett in not expanding Medicaid, while also pressuring key legislatures to support HR269. This bill would codify and make permanent the Governors decision to not expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania. You must sign-up in order to receive the access code for the call. This is necessary because we cannot risk someone from the left sneaking onto our call and hearing the strategy. Everyone who signs up will receive detailed instructions and the access codes at noon on Monday. There will also be a second email sent out at 8:00PM on Monday with a final reminder and the access codes. Please sign-up for this call and reach out to a few friends and invite them to also sign-up. This is how we organize, and we need to organize to WIN.

Jennifer Stefano, our State Director, will lead the call and Matt Hissey, our Grassroots Director, will answer any questions at the end.

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