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Americans For Prosperity-Connecticut Rolls Back Gas Prices to $1.84/ Gallon at Meriden Station

October 18, 2012

Hartford, CT – Today Americans for Prosperity– Connecticut is hosting a gas rollback event from 4PM to 6PM at the Danby’s Gulf Express located at 872 East Main Street in Meriden.   During those hours, each customer may receive 15 gallons of gas at the reduced rate of $1.84/gallon, the rate gas was before President Obama took office.

“President Obama and Congressman Chris Murphy’s failed energy policies are hurting CT families by driving up the price of gasoline,” said AFP-CT State Director, JR Romano.  “Under these failed energy policies, CT drivers are paying a grand total of $2,419 a year in additional cost to go the same distance.  It’s time to turn the car around and adopt an energy policy that helps our residents, not hinders them.”

Specifically, CT drivers are currently facing a $2.24/gallon price increase since President Obama took office which amounts to $33.60 on a 15 gallon fill up.  Assuming a driver fills up their tank six times a month, the increased amount reaches $201.60 a month.

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