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AFP-CT: State's Fiscal Condition is No Joke

April 01, 2013

HARTFORD – Americans for Prosperity-Connecticut is announcing their disappointment in the fiscal joke that recent economic policies have made of the state. To stop the overspending, they have launched online opportunities that will allow taxpayers to contact their elected officials regarding these failed policies.

“The failed policies of the Governor and the legislature have landed Connecticut at the bottom of almost every ‘best of’ list comparing the states on matters of fiscal policy and priorities,” said AFP-CT State Director JR Romano. “To the hard-working taxpayers of this state, these statistics are no laughing matter. While they are working to cut back and support their families, pay their taxes or strive to make payroll or hire more workers, the state government keeps growing –and along with it, the tax burden placed on Connecticut residents and businesses.”

Taxpayers who are fed up with the state’s fiscal condition are encouraged to sign and disseminate the “I’m a Resident, Not a Revenue Source” petition or send their elected officials an e-card detailing the need to stop overspending. Both will be available online through April 15th.

“Included in the state’s unsatisfactory rankings are having a Credit Quality Ranking of 50th; being the Worst State to Retire In; and having the latest tax freedom day in the country,” added Romano. “As an anonymous CEO was quoted as saying, ‘Connecticut could be the business-friendly refuge of NYC and New England, but instead taxes and regulates like the crown of Old England.’ We must stop overspending now and make the changes needed to preserve economic freedom before things get any worse.”

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