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AFP-CT: Poor Economic Policies Leave Businesses Vulnerable to Poaching

June 17, 2013

Hartford, Conn. – Americans for Prosperity– Connecticut State Director, JR Romano issued the following statement in response to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s visit to the state.

“It’s hard to blame Governor Perry for coming to Connecticut and trying to poach some of our businesses for his state,” said AFP-CT State Director, JR Romano.  “Governor Perry’s visit should serve as a wake-up call for our elected officials that our economic policies must change so that our state stops being viewed as easy pickings by other states.”

A comparison between Texas and Connecticut reveals that Texas boasts a lower unemployment rate, lower gas prices, and lower utility rates.  In addition, Texas has no state income tax and is a right-to-work state, two economic benefits Connecticut does not enjoy.

“Connecticut needs an economic climate that competes with every state in the union rather than lagging behind,” added Romano.  “The out of control, anti-business, tax-and spend policies of Governor Malloy and the legislature have left us vulnerable.  We must change course now and get our state back on the path to economic prosperity.  We can begin to do this by cutting taxes and spending and passing right-to-work legislation.”

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