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AFP-Connecticut Continues Countdown to Tax Freedom Day

May 08, 2013

HARTFORD, Conn. — Americans for Prosperity-Connecticut is continuing their countdown to Tax Freedom Day today by highlighting the state’s credit quality rating, which is 50th in the nation. According to the Tax Foundation, this year’s Tax Freedom Day for Connecticut is May 13, the latest in the country and eight days later than in 2012. Americans for Prosperity-Connecticut is carrying out a petition drive to let elected officials in Hartford know the state’s taxpayers are tired of being treated like revenue sources.

“According to a report released by Conning, Inc., Connecticut ranks last among the 50 states in credit quality analysis,” said JR Romano, Americans for Prosperity-Connecticut state director. “In 2011, Governor Malloy instituted the largest tax increase in the history of the state and yet Conning Inc.’s report cited our state’s fiscal status as ‘quite alarming.’ This is further evidence that Governor Malloy’s tax and spend policies are hurting our state.”

Paul Mansour, Managing Director of Conning’s Municipal Credit Research Group and lead author of the report, said at the time, “The state is among the worst in job creation, tax revenue growth, and has not yet seen a recovery in home prices. It has very high debt and retirement obligations, little budget flexibility, and no rainy day fund balance.”

“We cannot tax and spend our way out of 50th place,” continued Romano. “We must stop over-spending now, stop treating residents like revenue sources and get our state back on the path to economic prosperity.”

The Americans for Prosperity-Connecticut petition, I’m a Resident, Not a Revenue Source, is available by CLICKING HERE.

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