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Why delay Obamacare?!

July 12, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Obamcare. Portions of the law will now be delayed while calls continue for full repeal.

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As the Courant story alludes, many believe that Obamacare is falling apart.   Many are jumping on the bandwagon started by Senator Max Bacus who called the law ‘a trainwreck.’

The question for our elected officials,especially those who supported the passage of this burdensome, intrusive healthcare take-over to begin with, is if Obamacare is so great, why delay it?!

Did something about the law change? Have their opinions of the law changed? Or has the political climate changed?

I encourage you to contact your elected officials and find out where they stand on the possible delay or repeal of Obamacare. And don’t be afraid to ask the tough follow-up questions about what, if anything, changed their minds.

You can find their contact information on our website.

I also want to encourage you to register to attend our AFP-CT southeastern chapter meeting where we will discuss this and many other issues facing our families and businesses. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 24th at 7:00PM at Waterford Public Library, Rope Ferry Road. Space is limited so please GO HERE to register.

Thank you for all you do to advance economic prosperity and fight higher taxes in our state!

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