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January 04, 2014 J

Snowed in today?

While you’re stuck on the couch, here are three quick things you can do to help us in the battle for economic freedom in Connecticut!

1. Send a note to Governor Malloy
Did you see
the news that the Malloy administration is going to spend a million of your tax dollars on a publicity campaign for Common Core education standards? It’s yet another waste of our assets, and with the irresponsible spending in Hartford, we don’t have a dime to waste. Here’s a hint: if you have to spend $1million to make us think this is a good idea, it’s probably not! Indeed, Common Core is another intrusion on what should be a state and local issue. It just takes a couple of clicks to send Governor Malloy a note and let him know this is unacceptable.
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2. Get Connected with Us!
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3. Contribute
Will you give $14 to help us make sure 2014 is our most productive yet? Anything you can do to help will go toward important policy goals– fighting ObamaCare, pressuring lawmakers to make responsible spending choices, and keeping education freedom alive in Connecticut. 

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