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June 05, 2013

We need more people engaged to turn this state around.

As a way to make things easier for you we have decided to record a weekly update to highlight what’s inside our emails.

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Governor Malloy and the Democrat Majority have agreed in principle to increase government spending by 1 billion dollars. They have also voted to increase the minimum wage, a policy which sounds good but will only hurt our economy. Continuing to pursue these failed policies will only ensure that it becomes more and more difficult for businesses and families to remain in the state.

The budget passed this week offers more of the same failed economic policies to CT taxpayers and businesses – increased taxes to allow for bigger government. CLICK HERE to read more.

Our state is on a massive downward trend. Several independent groups have honored CT with among other “dishonors” -being the worst state to retire in, one of the worst states to practice medicine in, and having the highest tax burden in the country.

And these are just a few.

We are literally at the place where we have nowhere to go but UP. But in order for that to happen and in order to turn our state around, we need to take action.

We need to call and email our elected officials and then call again. We need to post on their Facebook accounts, we need to tweet them.

We need to put them on notice that their reckless tax and spending policies are not welcome.

For all of your elected officials’ contact information, please visit AFPCT.com.

If you would like to learn more about how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively, please email infoCT@afphq.org.

And as always, please consider a monthly gift, so that we can continue our fight for economic freedom.

Let your voice be heard.

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