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Congratulations, you're tax free!

May 13, 2013

Congratulations! As a taxpayer in the state of Connecticut, you have finally reached Tax Freedom Day. That means that as of today, you have now worked long enough to pay all your federal, state and local tax obligations. Beginning tomorrow, you can begin to take home the wages you work so hard for.

Connecticut has the latest Tax Freedom Day in the nation. Unfortunately the tremendous tax burden we are forced to carry spills over into other economic factors and indicators as well. This heavy tax burden is no doubt a contributing factor to our state coming in last in so many measurements and surveys comparing the states. From being the worst state to retire in to having the worst achievement gap to having the worst financial status in the nation, our state is depriving too many residents of the benefits of economic liberty and prosperity through its tax-and-spend policies.

But more than that, we see the negative impact of the tax-and-spend policies as more and more of our friends and neighbors close their businesses, lose their jobs or leave the state.

If all this has got you feeling like nothing more than a source of revenue for our ever-expanding government, I encourage you to sign our “I’m a Resident, Not a Revenue Source” petition.

The time for change is now. The legislature is currently debating the next budget for our state.

Do you want them to treat you like a resident or a revenue source?!

The time to stop overspending is in this budget. Let your elected officials know you feel over-taxed by signing our petition today.

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