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$300 more a year for gasoline?!

June 27, 2013

Are you ready to pay approximately $300 more a year at the pump?!

If not, we need you to contact Governor Malloy and ask him to call a special legislative session to stop the gas tax increase about to go into effect.

CLICK HERE to contact Governor Malloy now.

CLICK on the image to stop reading and view our video.

On July 1st, a gasoline tax hike is set to go into effect. The state is projecting to raise an additional $60 million in revenue off the tax… which comes from you and your family. For the average family, this will mean you pay approximately extra $300 more at the pump each year.

Apparently, Governor Malloy is committed to keeping our state at the bottom of every best-of list and his refusal to lower taxes and continue on this path will ensure that Connecticut stays there.

But we can work together on changing his mind.

CLICK HERE to contact Governor Malloy now. Tell him we need a special legislative session to stop this gas tax hike! Because Connecticut families just can’t afford it.

This should only take two minutes.

Two minutes may save your family $300/year in increased gas taxes.

Can you afford not to contact the Governor?!

CLICK HERE to contact Governor Malloy now.

Thank you for all you do to advance economic prosperity and fight higher taxes in our state!

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