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Connecticut Needs Lower Taxes, Reduced Spending

April 02, 2012 J

News Release

Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Connecticut (AFPF-CT) is releasing today its “Keeping Connecticut Competitive” booklet, which highlights the poor condition of the state’s economy. The booklet finds that Connecticut has one of the highest fiscal burdens in the nation and one of the lowest records of job creation.

Click here to read the economic booklet.

“Governor Malloy and the state legislature keep trying to fix our broken economy by raising taxes to pay for ever-increasing government spending,” said JR Romano, State Director of AFPF-CT.
“However, the facts cited in this booklet show that Connecticut is not doing a good job of spending its way to prosperity.”

According to data cited in the “Keeping Connecticut Competitive” booklet released today, Connecticut has the third-worst small business tax environment in the United States and is ranked 42nd in private sector job growth. In fact, the Constitution state lost the most jobs in the region over the last ten years.

“Small businesses struggle to survive under Connecticut’s record-high tax burden while the governor and legislature keep finding new ways to spend,” Romano added. “Wasteful spending has driven up the tax burden to unbearable levels on our state’s job creators.”

Over the past 50 years state spending grew by 600% and debt increased 330% while population increased only 39% over the same period.

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