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J.R. Romano

J.R. Romano

December 21, 2012

A diverse career path uniquely suited for the task of returning economic freedom to the state led J.R. Romano to his current role as Americans For Prosperity Connecticut State Director.

After graduating from Trinity College in Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in History, JR began his career with the Connecticut Republican Party where he focused on streamlining the office’s data management and helped create more efficient delivery systems for members of the CTGOP.

He then went on to work on a gubernatorial campaign as a field coordinator. There he was responsible for volunteer recruitment and turnout operations within the 3rd congressional district.

Next JR set off on a new challenge and became a media consultant focusing on messaging and fundraising. Clients came to JR to assist in maximizing impact with smaller budgets and creating fundraising opportunities where there may not have been otherwise.
JR then made a return to political life, serving as the Political Director for the CTGOP. While there, he increased the number of GOP mayors and first selectman by focusing on training candidates around the state on the importance of messaging and voter identification. While in this capacity as political director he ran for State Representative. During the campaign, JR managed to bring ideologies together tackling the left on their turf. With a message of economic freedom and more liberty he lost by 2% in a district where his political affiliation was out numbered 3 to 1 and received the endorsement of the New York Times.

JR’s next career move took him to Merrill Lynch where he became a fully licensed financial advisor. His main focus was municipal pensions and he worked with several municipalities to stabilize and maximize their portfolio. Going through the financial collapse as an advisor spurred JR return to the policy battles that helped create the collapse.

He then managed Peter Schiff’s bid for United States Senate and organized the first and only party effort to petition on the ballot as a state wide candidate from a political party. Following the election, he moved to Peter Schiff’s investment firm, Euro Pacific Capitol.
Searching for an opportunity to truly impact the future of his home state and the nation, JR joined the fight for fiscal sanity and increased accountability among our elected officials by joining Americans Prosperity Connecticut where he advocates for the average Connecticut family.

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