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91% saw an increase

February 15, 2014 J,

Last week, the National Small Business Association released its 2014 Small Business Health Care Survey. The survey reveals that 91% of respondents reported an increase in the costs of their health plans at their most recent renewal. One in four small businesses saw cost increases exceeding 20% at their most recent renewal. When asked specifically [...]

Rep. Murphy thinks this is a joke

November 15, 2013 J,

The ObamaCare enrollment numbers were released this week. So far in Connecticut, the numbers look like this – Total Number of completed Applications = 12,337 Total Number of individuals = 18,815 Total Eligible to Enroll in a Marketplace Plan= 12,325 Eligible to Enroll in a Plan with Financial Assistance= 6,807 Eligible for Medicaid / CHIP [...]

results are in

September 13, 2013 J,

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our survey on ObamaCare. The results reveal that more than 90% of you who responded do not believe that ObamaCare will improve yours or your family’s overall health care. Additional results show that more than 89% of respondents do not believe ObamaCare will make health care more [...]

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