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Contact Your State Representative

Contact Your State Representative

As we fight to restore balance in Connecticut and fight for limited government and economic prosperity, our state representatives need to hear from US! Use this list to email or connect on Twitter with your representative here in Connecticut.

Your Representative District Connect on Twitter Send an Email
Abercrombie, Catherine 83 Catherine.Abercrombie@cga.ct.gov
Ackert, Tim 8 tim.ackert@housegop.ct.gov
Adinolfi, Al 103 al.adinolfi@housegop.ct.gov
Alberts, Mike 50 Mike.Alberts@housegop.ct.gov
Albis, James 99 @RepAlbis james.albis@cga.ct.gov
Alexander, David 58 David.Alexander@cga.ct.gov
Altobello, Emil 82 Emil.Altobello@cga.ct.gov
Aman, William 14 @BillAman4SW Bill.Aman@cga.ct.gov
Arce, Angel 4 Angel.Arce@cga.ct.gov
Arconti, David 109 @StateRepArconti David.Arconti@cga.ct.gov
Aresimowicz, Joe 30 @JoeAresimowicz Joe.Aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov
Ayala, Christina “Tita” M. 128 Christina.Ayala@cga.ct.gov
Bacchiochi, Penny 52 @PenBach Penny.Bacchiochi@housegop.ct.gov
Backer, Terry 121 Terry.Backer@cga.ct.gov
Baram, David A. 15 David.Baram@cga.ct.gov
Becker, Brian 19 Brian.Becker@cga.ct.gov
Berger, Jeffrey J. 73 @berger4CT Jeffrey.Berger@cga.ct.gov
Betts, Whit 78 whit.betts@housegop.ct.gov
Bolinsky, Mitch 106 @mbolinsky Mitch.Bolinsky@housegop.ct.gov
Boukus, Elizabeth A. 22 Betty.Boukus@cga.ct.gov
Bowles, Timothy R. 42 Tim.Bowles@cga.ct.gov
Buck-Taylor, Cecilia 67 @CBT67th Cecilia.Buck-Taylor@housegop.ct.gov
Butler, Larry B. 72 Larry.Butler@cga.ct.gov
Cafero, Lawrence F. 142 @larrycafero Lawrence.Cafero@housegop.ct.gov
Camillo, Fred 151 @fcamillo Fred.Camillo@housegop.ct.gov
Candelaria, Juan R. 95 Juan.Candelaria@cga.ct.gov
Candelora, Vincent J. 86 Vincent.Candelora@housegop.ct.gov
Carpino, Christie M. 32 @ChristieCarpino christie.carpino@housegop.ct.gov
Carter, Dan 2 @DanCarterCT dan.carter@housegop.ct.gov
Case, Jay M. 63 Jay.Case@housegop.ct.gov
Clemons, Charles D. 124 Charles.D.Clemons@cga.ct.gov
Conroy, Theresa W. 105 @Theresa_Conroy Theresa.Conroy@cga.ct.gov
Cook, Michelle L. 65 Michelle.Cook@cga.ct.gov
Cuevas, Victor 75 victor.Cuevas@cga.ct.gov
D’Agostino, Michael 91 Michael.Dagostino@cga.ct.gov
D’Amelio, Anthony J. 71 Anthony.Damelio@housegop.ct.gov
Dargan, Stephen D. 115 Stephen.Dargan@cga.ct.gov
Davis, Paul 117 Paul.Davis@cga.ct.gov
Davis, Christopher 57 christopher.davis@housegop.ct.gov
Demicco, Mike 21 @MikeDemicco Mike.Demicco@cga.ct.gov
Dillon, Patricia A. 92 Patricia.Dillon@cga.ct.gov
Diminico, Joe 13 Joe.Diminico@cga.ct.gov
Esposito, Louis P. 116 Lou.Esposito@cga.ct.gov
Fawcett, Kim 133 @repfawcett Kim.Fawcett@cga.ct.gov
Fleischmann, Andrew M. 18 Andrew.Fleischmann@cga.ct.gov
Flexer, Mae M. 44 Mae.Flexer@cga.ct.gov
Floren, Livvy R. 149 Livvy.Floren@housegop.ct.gov
Fox, Daniel J. 148 Dan.Fox@cga.ct.gov
Fox, Gerald M. 146 Gerald.Fox@cga.ct.gov
Frey, John H. 111 @johnfrey John.Frey@housegop.ct.gov
Fritz, Mary G. 90 Mary.Fritz@cga.ct.gov
Genga, Henry J. 10 henry.genga@cga.ct.gov
Gentile, Linda M. 104 @RepLindaGentile Linda.Gentile@cga.ct.gov
Giegler, Janice R. 138 Janice.Giegler@housegop.ct.gov
Giuliano, Marilyn 23 Marilyn.Giuliano@housegop.ct.gov
Godfrey, Bob 110 @RepBobGodfrey Bob.Godfrey@cga.ct.gov
Gonzalez, Minnie 3 Minnie.Gonzalez@cga.ct.gov
Grogins, Auden 129 @AudenGrogins Auden.Grogins@cga.ct.gov
Guerrera, Antonio 29 Tony.Guerrera@cga.ct.gov
Haddad, Gregory 54 Gregory.Haddad@cga.ct.gov
Hampton, John K. 16 John.Hampton@cga.ct.gov
Hennessy, John “Jack” F. 127 Jack.Hennessy@cga.ct.gov
Hewett, Ernest 39 Ernest.Hewett@cga.ct.gov
Holder-Winfield, Gary A. 94 @CT94Dem Gary.Holder-Winfield@cga.ct.gov
Hovey, DebraLee 112 DebraLee.Hovey@housegop.ct.gov
Hoydick, Laura R. 120 Laura.Hoydick@housegop.ct.gov
Hurlburt, Bryan 53 @bryanhurlburt Bryan.Hurlburt@cga.ct.gov
Hwang, Tony 134 @TonyHwang Tony.Hwang@housegop.ct.gov
Janowski, Claire L. 56 @ClaireJanowski Claire.Janowski@cga.ct.gov
Johnson, Susan M. 49 Susan.Johnson@cga.ct.gov
Jutila, Ed 37 Ed.Jutila@cga.ct.gov
Kiner, David W. 59 @RepKiner David.Kiner@cga.ct.gov
Klarides, Themis 114 @RepTKlarides Themis.Klarides@housegop.ct.gov
Kokoruda, Noreen S. 101 Noreen.Kokoruda@housegop.ct.gov
Kupchick, Brenda L. 132 @BrendaKupchick brenda.kupchick@housegop.ct.gov
Labriola, David K. 131 David.Labriola@housegop.ct.gov
Larson, Timothy D. 11 Timothy.Larson@cga.ct.gov
Lavielle, Gail 143 @RepGailLavielle gail.lavielle@housegop.ct.gov
LeGeyt, Timothy B. 17 Tim.LeGeyt@housegop.ct.gov
Lemar, Roland J. 96 @RolandLemar roland.lemar@cga.ct.gov
Lesser, Matthew 100 @MattLesser Matthew.Lesser@cga.ct.gov
Lopes, Rick 24 Rick.Lopes@cga.ct.gov
Luxenberg, Geoff 12 @GeoffLuxenberg Geoff.Luxenberg@cga.ct.gov
Maroney, James 119 @JamesMaroney119 James.Maroney@cga.ct.gov
McCrory, Douglas 7 Douglas.McCrory@cga.ct.gov
McGee, Brandon L. 5 @RepBMcGee Brandon.McGee@cga.ct.gov
Megna, Robert W 97 Robert.Megna@cga.ct.gov
Mikutel, Steven T. 45 @SteveMikutel Steve.Mikutel@cga.ct.gov
Miller, Philip J. 36 Philip.Miller@cga.ct.gov
Miller, Lawrence G. 122 Lawrence.Miller@housegop.ct.gov
Miller, Patricia Billie 145 Patricia.Miller@cga.ct.gov
Miner, Craig A. 66 Craig.Miner@housegop.ct.gov
Mogano, Michael L. 144 michael.molgano@housegop.ct.gov
Morin, Russell A. 28 Russell.Morin@cga.ct.gov
Morris, Bruce V. 140 @RepMorris Bruce.Morris@cga.ct.gov
Moukawsher, Edward E. 40 Edward.Moukawsher@cga.ct.gov
Mushinsky, Mary M. 85 Mary.Mushinsky@cga.ct.gov
Nafis, Sandy H. 27 Sandy.Nafis@cga.ct.gov
Nicastro, Frank N. 79 Frank.Nicastro@cga.ct.gov
Noujaim, Selim G. 74 Selim.Noujaim@housegop.ct.gov
O’Brien, Elaine C. 61 @eobrienct Elaine.Obrien@cga.ct.gov
O’Dea, Tom 125 @odeaforstaterep Tom.Odea@housegop.ct.gov
O’Neill, Arthur J. 69 @ElectArtONeill Arthur.Oneill@housegop.ct.gov
Orange, Linda A. 48 Linda.Orange@cga.ct.gov
Perillo, Jason 113 @JasonPerillo jason.perillo@housegop.ct.gov
Perone, Chris 137 @CPerone7 Chris.Perone@cga.ct.gov
Piscopo, John E. 76 John.Piscopo@housegop.ct.gov
Rebimbas, Rosa C. 70 @reprebimbas Rosa.Rebimbas@housegop.ct.gov
Reed, Lonnie 102 @LonnieReed1 Lonnie.Reed@cga.ct.gov
Riley, Emmett D. 46 Emmett.Riley@cga.ct.gov
Ritter, Elizabeth B. 38 Elizabeth.Ritter@cga.ct.gov
Ritter, Matthew 1 @MattRitter308 Matthew.Ritter@cga.ct.gov
Rojas, Jason 9 @JRojas9 Jason.Rojas@cga.ct.gov
Rose, Kim 118 @RepRose Kim.Rose@cga.ct.gov
Rovero, Daniel S. 51 Danny.Rovero@cga.ct.gov
Rutigliano, David 123 @DaveRforthe123 David.Rutigliano@housegop.ct.gov
Ryan, Kevin 139 Kevin.Ryan@cga.ct.gov
Sampson, Robert C. 80 rob.sampson@housegop.ct.gov
Sanchez, Robert 25 Bobby.Sanchez@cga.ct.gov
Santiago, Hilda E. 84 Hilda.Santiago@cga.ct.gov
Santiago, Ezequial 130 Ezequiel.Santiago@cga.ct.gov
Sawyer, Pamela Z. 55 Pamela.Sawyer@housegop.ct.gov
Sayers, Peggy 60 Peggy.Sayers@cga.ct.gov
Scribner, David A. 107 @RepScribner David.Scribner@housegop.ct.gov
Sear, Brian H. 47 Brian.Sear@cga.ct.gov
Serra, Joseph C. 33 Joseph.Serra@cga.ct.gov
Shaban, John 135 john.shaban@housegop.ct.gov
Sharkey, J. Brendan 88 @SharkBits88 J.Brendan.Sharkey@cga.ct.gov
Simanski, Bill 62 bill.simanski@housegop.ct.gov
Smith, Richard A. 108 richard.smith@housegop.ct.gov
Srinivasan, Prasad 31 prasad.srinivasan@housegop.ct.gov
Stallworth, Charlie L. 126 Charlie.Stallworth@cga.ct.gov
Steinberg, Jonathan 136 Jonathan.Steinberg@cga.ct.gov
Tercyak, Peter A. 26 Peter.Tercyak@cga.ct.gov
Tong, William 147 @WilliamTongCT William.Tong@cga.ct.gov
Urban, Diana S. 43 Diana.Urban@cga.ct.gov
Vargas, Edwin 6 Edwin.Vargas@cga.ct.gov
Verrengia, Joe 20 @jverrengia Joe.Verrengia@cga.ct.gov
Vicino, Thomas A. 35 @VicinoForCT Tom.Vicino@cga.ct.gov
Walker, Toni E. 93 Toni.Walker@cga.ct.gov
Walko, Stephen G. 150 Stephen.Walko@housegop.ct.gov
Widlitz, Patricia M. 98 @PWidlitz Patricia.Widlitz@cga.ct.gov
Williams, Sean J. 68 @SeanWilliams537 Sean.Williams@housegop.ct.gov
Willis, Roberta B. 64 Roberta.Willis@cga.ct.gov
Wood, Terrie 141 @TerrieWood Terrie.Wood@housegop.ct.gov
Wright, Christopher A. 77 @Chris4StateRep Christopher.Wright@cga.ct.gov
Wright, Elissa T. 41 Elissa.Wright@cga.ct.gov
Yaccarino, Dave W. 87 dave.yaccarino@housegop.ct.gov
Ziobron, Melissa H. 34 @MelissaZiobron Melissa.Ziobron@housegop.ct.gov
Zoni, David 81 @DavidZoni David.Zoni@cga.ct.gov
Zupkus, Lezlye 89 Lezlye.Zupkus@housegop.ct.gov
Governor Dan Malloy @GovMalloyOffice Email

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