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CO Springs Candidate Surveys

CO Springs Candidate Surveys

March 01, 2013

In order to help you know where your candidates stand on the issues, we here at Americans for Prosperity employed a fair and balanced scoring system to help match a candidate’s answers with our organization’s core principles and values. The system took into account whether a candidate directly answered the question, whether their facts were correct and how closely their personal views on an issue aligned with our organization. However, we strongly encourage you to take the time to personally review each candidate’s response, which can be accessed by clicking their name below, and make your own informed determination about the candidates’ policies.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and save this page to your favorites. Share it with family and friends, or on Twitter and Facebook. We hope to continue this project going forward.  You can click on the district number on the map below, or just simply scroll down to find the candidate surveys.

districtmap2 CO Springs Candidate Surveys

District 1:

Tim Leigh80.2%
Don Knight59.7%
Joe Barrera51.9%
Julie Naye0%
Linda Mojer0%

District 2:

Angela Dougan91.9%
Joel Miller84.1%
Bill Murray0%

District 3:

Keith King93.8%
Tom Gallagher91.9%
Jim Bensberg83.8%
Bob Kinsey0%
Brandy Williams0%

District 4:

Deborah Hendrix79.4%
Helen Collins78.0%
Dennis Moore55.8%
Helen CollinsN/A
Gary L. Flakes0%

District 5:

Roger McCarville88.1%
Bernie Herpin80.0%
Jill Gaebler76.9%
Al LomaN/A

District 6:

David H. Moore87.5%
Ed Bircham87.2%
Andy Pico80.8%

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