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Send Michelle a Message Her Hubby Will Hear

June 19, 2012

We learned just a few weeks ago that President Obama is suffering a severe case of Potomac Fever, which has him believing that America’s private sector economy is doing just “fine,” while the much bigger problem facing America in not enough government workers. He couldn’t be more wrong about that, obviously, but who among his loyal palace guard will tell him the honest truth? Perhaps his wife, Michelle Obama, is the right person to deliver that message. But she won’t deliver it unless she hears it from us first.

That opportunity comes tomorrow, June 20th, when the First Lady visits Colorado. It’s your chance to deliver a message she can take back to her husband. Come out and tell Michelle Obama that Colorado isn’t doing fine, and would be doing a whole lot better, if the President wasn’t determined to pursue a radical and divisive agenda aimed at growing government, nationalizing health care, spending and regulating more, curtailing economic freedom, punishing productivity and crippling the energy sector.

On Wednesday, June 20th, First Lady Michelle Obama will be visiting Arapahoe High School in Centennial (2201 East Dry Creek Road, at the corner of Dry Creek and University). She’s here because Colorado is a critical swing state. She’s here to help her husband remain in power.

According to the latest news, the doors to the High School open at 8:00 a.m. and the First Lady will speak at 10:30 a.mAFP activists and other protesters will begin gathering by 7:30 am.

Stand Up!  Show Up!  Shout Out about the horrendous economic policies of this administration. Send a message her hubby will hear all the way back in Washington.

Please join us!

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