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AFP Lauds Hickenlooper for Balanced Approach on Energy Issues

December 05, 2012

AFP Lauds Hickenlooper for Balanced Approach on Energy Issues

Urges Others to Follow Governor’s Example

Colorado Springs — The Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity today praised Gov. John Hickenlooper for the measured, rational and civil approach he’s been taking on an array of often- contentious energy issues facing the state. The governor’s calm, reasoned open-minded approach to dealing with such issues, including hydraulic fracturing, should be a model for others to follow, said state chapter President Jeff Crank, responding to the increased hostility, volatility and intolerance demonstrated by fracking opponents.

An ugly episode Tuesday night at a Boulder County Commission meeting, which was repeatedly disrupted by anti-fracking protesters, who then chased an energy industry representative down the street, despite a security escort, underscores the raw emotion this issue evokes, said Crank. It also revealed an intolerant side to some green extremists, who are willing to shout-down and intimidate those who express alternative views. Hickenlooper himself has had a similar brush with the green mob.

Crank expressed concern that a noisy and irresponsible minority threatened to drown-out the reasonable and responsible majority as these debates unfold. “That’s why it’s critically important to have a governor who remains above the fray and listens to all sides,” said Crank.

“Perhaps because Gov. Hickenlooper has a background in geology, and perhaps because he has an obligation to fairly weigh all issues related to energy development, which serves as an important engine of Colorado’s economy, he’s thus-far been able to keep a cooler head when so many in the state are losing theirs,” said Crank. “We simply can’t have a sensible energy policy, balancing the rights and interests of energy producers with the concerns of local residents, if an angry green mob hijacks the process and silences free and open exchange.”

Crank’s letter to Hickenlooper is below:




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