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Americans for Prosperity to Cohost Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally

July 22, 2014

Americans for Prosperity to Cohost Stop the EPA Power Grab Rally Coloradans Will Stand Up in Denver on July 29th Against Job Killing Regulations DENVER – The Environmental Protection Agency may not have expected the massive response from Americans for Prosperity and other organizations opposing their latest rules. On Tuesday, July 29th, the bureaucrats will get [...]

AFP-CO Holds State Legislators Accountable for ObamaCare

July 07, 2014

Legislators in Colorado’s Statehouse, Not Just Congress, Draw Grassroots Scrutiny Parker — Colorado’s largest grassroots free market group, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, today announced a major expansion of its efforts to hold politicians accountable for ObamaCare. That effort starts today, when the group will use cable television spots, a direct mail campaign and neighborhood walks to [...]

Guilty Plea Demonstrates Need for ObamaCare Audit

July 01, 2014

Culture of Corruption and Mismanagement Surrounds Connect for Health Colorado DENVER – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado offered the following statement in response to Christa Ann McClure, former director of Connect for Health Colorado, pleading guilty to defrauding taxpayers while running a non-profit housing agency in Montana. AFP highlighted that this is yet the latest [...]

Xcel Energy Rate Hike Just the Beginning if EPA Regs Aren't Stopped

June 18, 2014

Xcel Energy Rate Hike Just the Beginning if EPA Regs Aren’t Stopped DENVER – Americans for Prosperity Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek issued the following statement today, in response to reports of yet another electricity rate hike requested by one of Colorado largest utility companies. “What we see in this latest Xcel Energy rate hike [...]

AFP: Will Udall Stand Up for Coloradans Against New Tax?

June 10, 2014

DENVER - Americans for Prosperity – Colorado is asking Senator Udall to stand up for Coloradans against a $13 million new healthcare tax being imposed on Coloradans by the state health insurance exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. The tax will fund the exchange but is imposed on all Coloradans with health insurance, whether it is purchased [...]

Americans for Prosperity to Udall: How are EPA Regs a "Good Start"?

June 03, 2014

Catastrophic New Rules May be a “Good Start” for Steyer’s Ideological Policies, but Not Coloradans Parker, Colo. – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado is asking Senator Mark Udall to clarify his remarks that the EPA’s new carbon regulations are a “good start.” Noting the undisputed cost of the regulations to jobs and the economy and [...]

Will Udall See The light and Denounce Job-Killing EPA Rules?

June 02, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Calls-Out Senator’s Support for Disastrous Policies Parker, Colo – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado (AFP-CO) is asking Senator Udall to clarify where he stands on the job killing EPA regulations being proposed today. AFP-CO is drawing attention to the Senator’s historical support for cap-and-trade and other policies that will destroy over 25,000 jobs [...]

Americans for Prosperity on Biden's Visit with Senator Udall

May 28, 2014

Parker, Colo, – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado today offered the following statement on Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit with Senator Mark Udall, who continues to block the Keystone pipeline. Dustin Zvonek offered the following statement: “A majority of Americans support building the Keystone Pipeline, yet Sen. Udall has refused to listen to them. After attending [...]

New TV Ad Thanks Cory Gardner for Common Sense Solutions

May 14, 2014

          Highlights Congressman’s Support for Limited Government Policies COLORADO SPRINGS – Americans for Prosperity – Colorado released a new ad today thanking Congressman Cory Gardner for his votes in support of limited government, free market policies such as approving the Keystone pipeline, cutting wasteful spending, and standing against ObamaCare. The ad urges viewers to call and [...]

Obamacare Bonus Underscores Need for Exchange Audit

May 12, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Posts Petition Demanding Oversight for Connect for Health Colorado PARKER – Just as news emerged that Patty Fontneau, CEO of Connect for Health Colorado, is receiving an exorbitant salary increase and bonus, Americans for Prosperity – Colorado today released a petition demanding an audit of the troubled state health insurance exchange. AFP-CO state director Dustin [...]