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The Disgrace in D.C.

November 09, 2011 J

The Washington D.C. Police Department this week vowed to actually begin enforcing the law, including laws against assault, menacing and disturbing the peace – but only after Occupy Washington goons roughed-up AFP supporters attending a Ronald Reagan tribute dinner on Friday evening. The dinner was part of AFP’s “Defending the American Dream Summit.”

Friday’s donnybrook outside the D.C. Convention Center was anything but a peaceful protest: rabid Occupiers pushed and shoved and verbally assaulted attendees, knocking down several senior citizens in the process. They blocked traffic. They ganged on windows like animals at the zoo. They provoked one young mother, fearing for the safety of her child, to go on the attack against the mob. All this while “D.C.’s finest — the few of them that were there — stood around as if on a donut break, passively letting the mayhem and abuse occur.

The episode reinforces the impression that OWS is more mob than “movement” – that it’s all about venting and spewing mindless venom, supported by little of substance except tired left-wing slogans. That President’s silence in the face of the mounting lawlessness suggests that he sanctions this sort of political and class violence. It will go down in history as another stain on his already-failed presidency.

AFP President Tim Phillips released a statement on the situation yesterday, which we thought we would re-publish below.

“Want to know what we’re up against? And, why we’re going to defeat them?

This past weekend over 2,000 leading grassroots activists from across the nation joined us for AFP Foundation’s 5th annual Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C.
During our “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner on Friday night, the protesters with Occupy Wall Street stormed the convention center trying to take away our 1st Amendment rights. Click here to see video!

Their violence, vile language, and disrespect for fellow Americans was outrageous. One of our activists who is wheel-chair bound was denied use of the ramp to depart the center. A 78 year old grandmother from Michigan was assaulted and knocked down. The 7 year old child of one of our AFP Foundation activists was cursed and jostled.

Not surprisingly, our 2,000 plus activists stayed calm and peaceful. The next morning, they poured right back into the Washington Convention Center for the second day of the Summit — receiving training on how to be even more effective grassroots leaders and hearing from the Great One, Mark Levin, and from Andrew Breitbart. The day before, Herman Cain, Governor Mitt Romney, and America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, laid out their vision for our nation. Click here to see video of the speakers at the Summit!

I, for one, welcome these Occupy Wall Street protesters. Sure, it’s uncomfortable when they’re shouting vulgarities at children, destroying property, breaking the law, or spewing hatred. But know this, the Occupy Wall Street protesters offer our nation a crystal clear choice between their way of thinking and AFP Foundation and the Tea Party movement. They possess a vehement hatred of free enterprise and capitalism. They openly call for socialism. We know that free enterprise has lifted more Americans out of the muck and mire of poverty and despair than any economic system in world history. They call for violence, break the law, and disrespect fellow Americans. We respect the law and work to peacefully support sound policy for our nation.

Occupy Wall Street is based on anger and envy. They want to use government to tear down fellow Americans to suit their ideological agenda. Their calling card – class warfare and unrestrained envy. At Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we know that Americans are not envious. They desire only an opportunity to go out and earn their version of the American dream.

So, we can be confident in the face of their hatred. Calm in the face of their law breaking and violence, secure in the knowledge that the American people are with us…if we remain bold in espousing our free market principles and determined in our grassroots activism.


Tim Phillips

P.S. See for yourself the energy and determination of our activists at the 5th annual Defending the American Dream Summit. Click here to see our vision for America compared to the Occupy Wall Street protesters!

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