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Almost Like Being There

November 03, 2011 J

Just can’t attend AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend in Washington, D.C.? We’ll miss you not being there in person, but you can still enjoy much of the action, the excitement and the speakers without even leaving home.

How is that possible? It’s the age of the Internet, baby. Almost anything is possible (at least until the govermnment starts messing with it). The AFP Foundation will be providing live streaming video of the summit, from the kick-off at 11 a.m. tomorrow to the end of the event, at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Just click here to access the live stream!

Speakers for the Summit include businessman and GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, former MA Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, radio host Mark Levin, Judge Andrew Napolitano, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, best selling author Dinesh D’Souza, conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Breitbart, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and many more.

Can’t spend an entire weekend glued to the tube? We have an answer for that as well. Click here to cherry-pick your favorite sessions from the long list of options. That way you can look in, between that college football game you’ve been waiting for all year and that leaf-raking job that’s long overdue.

This doesn’t excuse you not attending in person. But we’ll cut you some slack this year. Next year, be there, or else. Without all you foot soldiers, the fight for freedom just isn’t as much fun.

Enjoy the Summit.

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