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Cut Spending Now Rocks the Rockies

October 14, 2011 J

AFP’s Cut Spending Now tour rolled through Colorado Tuesday, making three stops in the Front Range cities of Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch and Loveland before heading east, across the Great Plains, on its way to a November date with the Congressional Supercommittee.

All the rallies held and petitions gathered – you can still sign it online! — during the cross-country trip are intended to help convince Supercommittee members that cutting lard from the bloated federal government and instituting real budget reform should be the top priority, not squeezing financially stressed Americans for new revenue. Americans are in no mood to surrender more of their hard-earned dollars to Washington, judging from the passion and sentiments seen and heard at the events.

The day began early, as the first rays of sunlight were warming the face of Pikes Peak, but the autumn chill couldn’t cool the enthusiasm of the roughly 80 attendees who heard KVOR Radio personalities Ed Jones, Richard Randall and Jeff Crank – AFP-Colorado’s state director – stress how great the dangers are, to our liberties and economy, of continued runaway spending and regulating in Washington. Because conservatives can’t just talk in generalities about budget reform, but need to offer specific recommendations, Crank detailed some of the spending cuts proposed in an AFP white paper. Each item was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

Crank said those who are standing up now, demanding the return of fiscal sanity, would be remembered by their children and grandchildren for their efforts to save the country. Americans who survived The Great Depression and won World War II didn’t think of themselves as heroes, said Crank. They were just average Americans, doing what they had to do to save the country. And this generation of Americans must also rise to the occasion, said Crank, by curbing excessive government, warding-off attacks on free enterprise and restoring The U.S. Constitution to its place of honor and prominence.

Next stop was a noon rally in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch, where Crank, Independence Institute President John Caldara and Andy Merritt, district director for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, reiterated the need for fiscal discipline and encouraged attendees to stay involved and recruit even more friends and neighbors to the cause of liberty.

The day ended in Loveland, Colorado, with perhaps the largest gathering of all, of close to 100 people, thanks to the participation of the local 9/12 group, which is still going strong. The sun setting over the mountains offered a perfect bookend to a day of events that began at sunrise. Crank, State Sen. Kevin Lundberg and Ken Clark of Grassroots Radio Colorado did the speaking honors, while attendees signed petitions and filled-up on B-B-Q Bob’s delicious food. No one went home hungry, thanks to the red meat political rhetoric and pulled pork.

But this long but invigorating day wasn’t yet over for AFP staff, some of whom still faced a nighttime drive to Lincoln, Nebraska, where the next day’s Cut Spending Now rally was scheduled.

Media coverage was disappointing, but not surprising. Most reporters seemed much more interested in the grungy gaggle of Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in city parks, trying to figure out what they’re angry about. Meanwhile, Coloradans were turning out in much larger numbers at Cut Spending Now events – quite an accomplishment considering that most of those attending AFP rallies have jobs and real-world responsibilities.

This double standard is nothing new. Newsroom liberals have consistently tried to ignore, dismiss or deride everything they associate with the Tea Party movement. But Cut Spending Now attendees care more about sending a message to Congress than posing for cameras. And on that account, Tuesday’s rallies can be counted a success.

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