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Cut Spending Now Tour Coming to Colorado

October 03, 2011 J

While inside-the-Beltway politicos continue to dicker and dither over various ways of bringing runaway federal spending and borrowing under control, average Americans now have an opportunity to send Washington a clear, convincing, unequivocal message on the issue, by attending a Cut Spending Now event as the tour moves across the country. Coloradans will get their chance on Tuesday, Oct. 11, when the tour makes 3 stops along the front range, in Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch and Loveland.

The tour serves as a call to action for AFP’s 1.8 million activists, nearly 50,000 of whom live in Colorado. It’s meant to send Washington the message that Congress and the President need to focus on spending cuts, not on raising taxes or waging class warfare. It’s a call for fundamental budget reforms that will reduce the size of government and restore fiscal sanity. It’s meant to remind President Obama that picking the economy’s winners and losers is not government’s job — which is one reason why unemployment is so high, and our economy is so weak, under this administration.

“Citizens of Colorado understand that Washington’s excessive spending has disastrous consequences,” said AFP Colorado State Director Jeff Crank. “Higher spending will follow with higher taxes. At a time when families are tightening their belts and making tough choices to make ends meet, Congress continues to spend inefficiently and as if there are no limits. Americans have tightened their belts. Washington should too.”

“Cut Spending Now is launching in a crucial place and at a crucial time,” added Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity. “While President Obama continues to push his second Stimulus boondoggle Americans continue to look for jobs and the economy continues to flounder. It is up to Americans to make sure Congress and the debt super committee rein in the president’s spending habits.”

We encourage you to join us at the Cut Spending Now Tour stops in Colorado:

Colorado Springs
8:00 am, Tuesday, October 11th
KVOR studios parking lot
6805 Corporate Drive, on Woodmen, just west of I-25

Highlands Ranch
12:00 pm, Tuesday, October 11th
Falcon Park Picnic Shelters
9555 Fallbroke Drive (Near University & Quebec)

5:30 pm, Tuesday, October 11th
Message of Life Ministries Parking Lot
605 18th Street SW

In addition to having speakers and displays at each stop, activists will have the opportunity to sign the Cut Spending Now petition, available online here, to ask the government to cut spending and make the same tough choices Colorado families and businesses have done for decades!

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