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AFP Strongly Urges Support for Pro-Jobs Bill

September 09, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity Colorado is calling on all members of the state’s congressional delegation to support HR-2587, a bill up for a possible vote in the House of Representatives next week that would help curb abuses of power by the National Labor Relations Board, a formerly-obscure New Deal panel that has assumed an aggressive new posture under the union-friendly Obama Administration. Because U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-7) is seen by AFP as a potential swing vote, AFP activists will be visiting Perlmutter’s district office in Lakewood Monday at noon, in the hope of influencing his vote on the bill.

The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act will do just that, by barring the NRLB from dictating to private U.S. companies where they can or can’t locate facilities — something the unelected board attempted to do in April, by accusing aircraft manufacturer Boeing of unfair labor practices for trying to open a facility in South Carolina, a right to work state, instead of keeping all the company’s operations in union-friendly Washington State. HR-2587 is one of several bills sponsored by U.S. Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) that are designed to counter NRLB’s aggressively anti-business agenda, including a more recent move that would make it easier for unions to organize private workers.

AFP-CO State Director Jeff Crank said the group would be alerting its grassroots network — now nearly 50,000 strong – about the importance of this issue. And he said he’ll be focusing special attention on Ed Perlmutter, who is seen as a swing vote. AFP members will be gathering at Perlmutter’s Lakewood office Monday at noon, in order to underscore their

When: Monday, September 12, 2011 at Noon
Where: Ed Perlmutter’s District Office
12600 West Colfax Avenue, Suite B-400, Lakewood

AFP-CO also established a special web link where activists who can’t attend Monday’s event can make their views know to Rep. Perlmutter.

“It’s probably hard for Americans to believe that an un-elected panel of pro-union activists has the power to tell private American companies how and where they can deploy their workforce, yet that’s exactly what we have with the NRLB,” said Crank. “This is another New Deal-era dinosaur that should have long ago gone extinct, but, until it does, we need to eliminate its ability to trample on company rights.

Crank accused the president of using the formerly-obscure NRLB as a “pawn” for advancing his pro-union agenda, much as the White House is using unaccountable bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency to pursue a regulatory program that wouldn’t pass Congress. “This president is good at using surrogates to pursue the more radical part of his program, which he knows Congress and the American people would reject if he used more democratic means,” he said. “The White House won’t have much credibility on jobs when it also allows the NRLB and other entities to wage regulatory war on America’s job-creators. You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-business at the same time.”

The April dispute between the NLRB and Boeing serves as a prime example of the kind of regulatory overreach is bill is trying to prevent. Instead of expanding production at its unionized plant in Washington State, Boeing decided to build a new facility in South Carolina, a “right-to-work” state with lower labor costs and friendlier business climate. The NLRB deemed this decision an “unfair labor practice” and then ordered the company to abandon the new facility in South Carolina.

Companies already face an out-of-control federal government that imposes over $1.75 trillion in regulatory costs on American businesses every year; those businesses will simply move their operations overseas if they are also asked to stomach blatant intimidation and costly relocation orders. Enforcing labor laws is important, but allowing the NLRB to dictate where a private company can do business simply goes way too far.

Read more: http://www.americansforprosperity.org/072711-house-key-vote-support-rep-scotts-bill-halting-nlrb-intrusions-hr-2587#ixzz1XIFl6Emb

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