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Our Low Volt President

March 05, 2012 J

The President used his Saturday radio address (does anyone even isten to those any more?) to prattle-on about the amazingly fuel efficient cars Americans can look forward to, after two or three more rounds of federal mandates and meddling. Apparently he didn’t see that memo about the Chevy Volt.

The most recent round of federal fuel economy mandates are expected to add $5,000 to the sticker price of the average vehicle, according to a report I recently read. And additional mandates of the type being hyped by the President will also come with a hefty price tag attached. The car of the President’s dreams, which will only need to be refueled once a month, will cost far more than an average American can afford — and we’ll be paying a premium for a vehicle that, in all likelihood, will be less road-worthy and safe than a vehicle built without all the government meddling.

The President obviously learned very little from the Volt fiasco. Which brings to mind a quote from George Santayana: “Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim.”

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