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AFP Colorado Confronts the Green Threat to our Economy, Property and Freedom

February 17, 2012 J

AFP Colorado is proud to announce the launch of a major initiative, Monkey Wrenching America, a project which highlights the economic and fiscal harm done by professional environmental extremists.

Today, environmental extremists are using lobbying power, indoctrination, saturation litigation and manipulation of government regulatory mechanisms to achieve their goals of hobbling the U.S. economy, driving-up energy costs, increasing government’s regulatory power and limiting public access to public lands.

The green-leaning “mainstream media” declines to report on the costs, consequences and human casualties of these monkey-wrenching activities, but MonkeyWrenchingAmerica.com, aims to help fill that void, and expose this destructive side of the movement, with original reporting, news aggregation, blogs and investigative reports.

“Through covert and questionable tactics, extreme environmental groups are increasing energy costs, shutting down businesses, killing jobs, denying citizens their property rights, and ultimately, making Colorado and our great country a less prosperous place to live and work,” said Jeff Crank, AFP-Colorado State Director. “Monkey Wrenching America will open the public’s eyes to these abuses.”

Monkey Wrenching America will share the stories and the human costs behind the groups who are damaging the nation’s economy, limited government ideals and liberties. Check out the site to learn more today!,

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